PCNS Papers 2012

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  PCNS Papers — 2012

Cover & Table of Contents
Table of Contents p2
1. Introduction to PCNS Papers
introduction p3
Officers and Sponsors p4
2. California Trail Riders Pictorial Tokens
Trail Riders 5
Trail Riders 6
Trail Riders 7
Trail Riders 8
Trail Riders 9
Trail Riders 10
3. The Maria Theresa Thaler — the ultimate one-year type set
Maria Theresa p11
Maria Theresa p12
Maria Theresa p13
Maria Theresa p14
Maria Theresa p15
Maria Theresa p16
Maria Theresa p17 end notes
4. San Francisco through Its Exonumia: The U.S. Beer Hall
Beer Hall p18
Beer Hall p19
Beer Hall p20
Beer Hall p21 final page