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About PCNS

PCNS exists to promote, develop, and foster Numismatics in all its branches along educational, historical, and scientific lines, and to provide opportunities for collectors to share in an organization of mutual interest and good fellowship.

PCNS hosting 1915 ANA at the Old Mint
  PCNS hosted the ANA's visit to
  the SF Mint during PPIE (1915)

  • History: PCNS was founded in 1915 by Farran Zerbe and a group of San Francisco collectors, when Zerbe came West to supervise the US Mint Exhibit at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. PCNS hosted the ANA Convention in San Francisco that same year. At that time, there were no other coin organizations in the American West. PCNS continues to be a gathering place for studious numismatists in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond.
  • Meetings: Our regular monthly meetings in San Francisco feature presentations on numismatic topics ranging from US coins, tokens, and medals to Ancient, Medieval, and Modern World coinage, currency, exonumia, and San Francisco history.
  • Research & Publishing: PCNS has sponsored an annual Papers contest for numismatic writers for several decades, publishing the submissions to our members and on this website:
    2012 Papers  |  2013 Papers  |  2014–15 Papers  |  2016 Papers  |  2017 Papers  |  2018 Papers
  • Membership: Members receive meeting invitations, programs, medals, and copies of our publications. Many illustrious numismatists have been PCNS members. Consider adding your name to that list.
We invite you to take part in the traditions of the first numismatic group of the American West!
CA Nonprofit Corp# C0447260


Everyone with an interest in Numismatics is invited!

PCNS monthly meetings include an educational program about some area of numismatics. Members should consult The Bulletin for meeting details. The Bulletin is emailed to members, and then posted here as a PDF about a week before each meeting.

Harriet Tubman 20
Next Meeting
  • Date: Wednesday Evening, October 30 2019
    Speaker: TBA
    Topic: Also TBA
  • Location: Fort Mason Center Building C, in the SF Marina district.
  • Time: Meetings at Fort Mason begin at 7:30pm and last about 90 minutes. A PCNS Board Meeting is held in the same room at 7pm on the same dates. Everyone is welcome at both.
  • Show-and-Tell Topics: It's always your choice, though items with any connection to the topic, however tenuous, are especially encouraged, along with early PCNS memorabilia, PPIE goodies, and SF history items. Bring new acquisitions when nothing else fits or you've found something special.
  • Drawings: coins, tokens, medals, collectible paper, numismatic books — who knows what will be on offer.
  • Admission is Free!

Future Meeting Dates

Please note the appropriate date and location for each monthly meeting.

  • October 30 2019 — Speaker TBA (Fort Mason)
  • November 27 2019 — Speaker TBA (Fort Mason)
  • December 18 2019 — Annual Holiday Event & Business Meeting (Fort Mason)
2020 Meetings...
  • January 22 2020 — Speaker TBA (Fort Mason)
  • February 26 2020 — Speaker TBA (Fort Mason)
  • March 25 2020 — Speaker TBA (Fort Mason)
  • April 22 2020 — Speaker TBA (Fort Mason)
  • May 27 2020 — Speaker TBA (Fort Mason)
  • June 2020 — TBA (Annual BBQ/Banquet Event)

Remember… meetings are generally on the 4th Wednesday of the month, but there are some exceptions for scheduling (October 30 2019 is 5th Wed) and holiday conflicts (December 18 2019 is 3rd Wed). There is no regular monthly meeting in June, when we hold the Annual PCNS BBQ/Banquet. Contact us to check a meeting date. We update the listings on this webpage with date and location details as they become known.

Contacts & Officers

2019 Board of Governors

BBQ Attendees
2019 PCNS BBQ group snapshot
  • President: Dan Hipple
  • Vice President: Jason Macario
  • Secretary: Bob Somers
  • Treasurer: Stephen Huston
  • Governors:
            Ed Treuting
            Bill Hyder (Past President)

PCNS officers operate under the PCNS Constitution & Bylaws, which are available, along with official Minutes, on our Documents webpage.

PCNS Official Mailing Address

PO Box 475656
San Francisco CA 94147–5656

Email PCNS via the Webmaster
webmaster at pcns dot org

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The PCNS postal box and email address are permanent — independent of changes in officers.

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Make checks or money orders sent by mail payable to: PCNS

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PCNS Logo on bronze medal

PCNS Invites You to Join

The Society welcomes and encourages membership by numismatists of all interests.
  • Membership requirements are stated in the PCNS Constitution: Any person of good character who is interested in the objects and activities of the Society and who agrees to abide by the rules shall be eligible for membership.
  • Dues are $20 per calendar year and must be submitted with your application.
  • Dues include all new publications, monthly bulletins, meeting announcements, and any other rights of membership.

Applications for Membership

Mail the Application Form (PDF), or provide the following information, with your $20 dues:
Full Name, Mailing Address, City, State, and Zip Code (or country and mailing code), your Email address (for receiving meeting notices & The Bulletin). Your Numismatic Specialty or Interest is optional, but please let us know how you heard about PCNS.

Send your completed application with $20 dues to:

PO Box 475656
San Francisco CA 94147-5656

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cover monograph 1
  • Monthly Bulletins
    The PCNS Bulletin is published monthly as an emailed PDF to inform members of current activities and meeting plans.
  • Annual Papers
    The Society issues its annual research papers to current members, and we are now making our Papers Publications available online:
    2012 Papers  |  2013 Papers  |  2014–15 Papers  |  2016 Papers  |  2017 Papers  |  2018 Papers
    New papers are submitted annually via the PCNS Papers Contest, which is open to all numismatic writers, not just PCNS members. Please view the PDFs for Papers Rules and our Copyright Policy.
  • PCNS Constitution, Bylaws, Minutes, etc. Click Here
  • Occassional Publications
    Special publications are prepared and offered for sale to the public.
    Currently available:

The Old Streets of San Francisco:
  Early Street Names on Some Brass Tokens
 — by Jerry F. Schimmel

"Mr Schimmel, the expert in early trade tokens from San Francisco, takes us on a journey to selected stops in this city's history through these interesting bits of metal. The sites selected are on Streets that have been renamed or have disappeared altogether. Through the tokens that establishments on these streets used, we can hold a tangible reminder of what once was. Highly recommended for enthusiasts of San Francisco history as well as for collectors of tokens and exonumia." —  on-line book review

1993—First Printing, English, Cardcover (8.5 x 5.5 saddlestiched), 42 pages, Index of street name changes, illustrated: 21 tokens, 14 location photos, 9 maps. PCNS Monograph 1, ASIN: B0006PBHCO

Stock is extremely limited, and there are no plans to reprint this title. While our supply lasts, postpaid within the USA.

Order directly from PCNS at $15–@

Both mail and online payments and orders are accepted. (see the Payments section above)

Contact PCNS about becoming a member to received new publications as they are issued.


PCNS 100th Anniversary — 1915–2015 Centennial Medal

Centennial Medal

[digital die proofs shown]

  • Designs
    Obv: PCNS 1915/2015 in fields of modified PPIE commemorative design
    Rev: PCNS Seal
  • Dimensions
    Octagonal 41mm (broadstruck)
  • Mintage
    Silver and Copper limited to prepaid orders, Brass to banquet sponsors and attendees.
    Silver     45
    Copper  43
    Brass     61